Hair Genetics

Hair Texture: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Care


Hair texture refers to the natural shape or pattern of individual hair strands on one's head. This characteristic can broadly be categorized into four types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Factors determining one's hair texture include genetics, ethnicity, and environmental influences. Understanding your hair texture can guide your hair care regimen, styling choices, and product selection, ensuring the health and beauty of your tresses.

Hair Genetics: Unlocking the Science Behind Your Tresses


Hair genetics play a vital role in determining the characteristics and traits of an individual's hair, such as texture, color, and thickness. The unique composition of genes inherited from one's parents is responsible for the specific attributes of different ethnic backgrounds. Thus, understanding the science behind hair genetics can provide insights into the complexities of human hair and how it reflects our ancestry.

Wavy Hair – Essential Care and Styling Tips


Wavy hair, a delightful blend between straight and curly textures, naturally forms gentle, undulating curves. Characterized by its S-shaped pattern, wavy hair offers versatility in styling and a distinct, voluminous appearance. This type of hair has unique characteristics and challenges, making it essential to understand and care for properly. Dive in to explore the nuances of wavy hair, from its types to the best care and styling tips.